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BGP Path Attribute

1. Multi Exit Discriminator

- Used to select between paths to the destinations listed.

2. Local Preference

- Allowing AS border routers to inform the preference they have assigned to a chosen route
when advertising it to IBGP peers.
- Local Preference attribute allows an AS borders to assign a preference value to a route when
advertising it to IBGP peers
- Higher value show that the route is more preferred.

3. Atomic Aggregate

- Used to ensure that certain network layer reachability information(NLRI) is not deaggregated.

4. Aggregator

- Identifying which AS performed the most recent route aggregation. The attribute contains the
last AS numbers that formed the aggregate route followed by the IP address of the BGP speaker
that formed the aggregate route.

5. Route Clusters

- Listing the route clusters that may be traversed to reach a given destination.

6. Advertiser

- Identifying which border router injected the route.

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