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Here is sample BGP configuration for Cisco CRS router with XR software


Cisco CRS# conf t
Cisco CRS(config)#
router bgp 65501

Cisco CRS(config-bgp)# neighbor
Cisco CRS(config-bgp-nbr)# remote-as 2000
Cisco CRS(config-bgp-nbr)# description "CRS BGP sample"
Cisco CRS(config-bgp-nbr)# password xxxxx
Cisco CRS(config-bgp-nbr)# address-family ipv4 unicast
Cisco CRS(config-bgp-nbr-af)# route-policy xxxx in
Cisco CRS(config-bgp-nbr-af)# maximum-prefix 5000 75
Cisco CRS(config-bgp-nbr-af)# commit




Cisco CRS# BGP neighbor is det
 Remote AS 2000, local AS 65501, external link
"CRS BGP sample"
 Remote router ID
  BGP state = Established, up for 03:47:14
  Last read 00:00:18, hold time is 90, keepalive interval is 30 seconds
  Configured hold time: 90, keepalive: 30, min acceptable hold time: 3
  Last write 00:00:14, Last write before reset 04:07:53
  Last write pulse rcvd  May 14 22:53:39.617 last full May 14 22:53:39.611 pulse count 2109
  Socket not armed for io, armed for read, armed for write
  Precedence: internet
  Enforcing first AS is enabled
  Neighbor capabilities:            Adv         Rcvd
    Route refresh:                  Yes         Yes
    4-byte AS:                      Yes         Yes
    Address family IPv4 Unicast:    Yes         Yes
  Message stats:
    InQ depth: 0, OutQ depth: 0
                    Last_Sent               Sent  Last_Rcvd               Rcvd
    Open:           May 14 22:52:55.531        5  May 14 22:52:55.535        5
    Notification:   May 14 22:32:16.783        4  ---                        0
    Update:         May 15 02:39:55.287   143104  May 15 00:42:54.170      979
    Keepalive:      May 15 02:39:40.545     1141  May 15 02:39:51.536     1241
    Route_Refresh:  ---                        0  ---                        0
    Total:                                144254                          2225
  Minimum time between advertisement runs is 30 secs

 For Address Family: IPv4 Unicast
  BGP neighbor version 1190068
  Update group: 0.4 (Update Generation Throttled)

  Community attribute sent to this neighbor
  Route refresh request: received 0, sent 0
  Policy for incoming advertisements is in-cust(7381)
  Policy for outgoing advertisements is out-cust-full(0)
  4127 accepted prefixes, 4001 are bestpaths
  Prefix advertised 332272, suppressed 0, withdrawn 3692, maximum limit 5000
  Threshold for warning message 75%
  An EoR was not received during read-only mode
  Last ack version 1189911, Last synced ack version 0
  Outstanding version objects: current 1, max 2

  Connections established 5; dropped 4
  Last reset 03:47:15, due to User clear requested (CEASE notification sent - administrative reset)
  Time since last notification sent to neighbor: 03:47:15
  Error Code: administrative reset
  Notification data sent:

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