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In the most of cases, end-user wants to have full BGP routing table from their upstream provider.icon_BGP.png Why not! If you have enough memory on your CPE such as Router, multi-layer switch or whatever devices are connected to ISP with BGP on. Certified memory is really expensive. It is not like PC memory. In here, we are just talking about BGP routing table in IPv4 address basis.




Full BGP routing table

Total amount of full BGP routing table would be around 290,000 prefixes. (From public IP network in North America).

The size of full BGP routing table would be varying by continent or country. Is full BGP routing table will continuously growing? Yes, but not much though due to IPv4 address is running out by 2010(or 2011)

If you have not enough memory, BGP will be bouncing in every few minute after establishing session. 

In order to receive full BGP routing table, your CPE should have more than 512M. More is better.


Partial BGP routing table

Most of the ISP provides partial BGP routing table as well. In some cases, partial BGP routing table is suitable than full BGP routing table.

To get more details about Partial BGP routing table, contact your upstream provider.



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