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Cisco dual BGP with conditional announcement

  • ISPs : 1
  • WAN links : 2
  • CPE : 1
  • PE : 1
  • Device : Cisco router with LAN/WAN ports.
  • WAN1 / Serial IP : (mask
  • WAN2 / Serial IP : (mask

  • LAN / Ethernet IP : (mask
  • Receiving Route : Default route + full route from ISP
  • Memory : Full route(recommend 512M), partial route
    (recommend 128-256M)
  • LAN : ISP (AS20) and Customer (AS10)


BGP sample configuration 2-1-1


Well, this sample wouldn't realistic. No one is going to configure this way. B/c BGP will pick one best path anyway. 

See 3-6-1. Cisco Dual BGP with Conditional Announcement

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